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Сonstruction technology

Сonstruction technology

Monolithic frame construction technology during the construction of residential complexes BC "GAZDA"


Building company GAZDA uses monolithic frame construction technology during the construction of residential complexes. Why this technology? We will tell and confirm the advantages in this article.

A monolithic frame house is a building made of a monolithic reinforced concrete frame formed by columns and ceilings between which walls are built. Monolithic sections of the house provide its main load-bearing capacity, so it has high rigidity and stability. The floors of the house are rigidly connected to the foundation. The building is so strong that monolithic columns are used as a mandatory element of housing in earthquake-prone regions, and the technology has become one of the most popular in the world.

In such construction, the main load is borne by the columns of the house. Only concretes of strength class B-25 are used for such construction, as only they can withstand and carry the required load.

The advantages of monolithic construction include the ability to apply modern solutions and fit the objects under construction into the landscape of existing buildings. Monolithic slabs create a smooth surface of the ceiling without seams, ready for painting or pasting. Absence of bulky bearing walls allows to realize any wishes of the customer on planning of the apartment, the exception will be only transfer of bathrooms and kitchens because of existence of transit communications.

According to modern guests, the heat transfer through the outer walls led to the fact that the required thickness of the brickwork reached 1.5 meters. Frame-monolithic house does not have a similar problem, because the wall on each floor rests on the floor slab and is "self-supporting" within one floor, which saves it from the need to be a support for the upper floors.


The main advantages of monolithic frame construction are:

· Strength and seismic resistance;

· Many opportunities for planning of internal space which is provided by a big step of bearing designs;

· Durability of constructions erected by a monolithic-frame method (service life - not less than 200 years);

· Rather high speed of construction of the house;

· The possibility of building houses over 25 floors.


Therefore, choosing an apartment in the residential complexes of the construction company "GAZDA" you can be one hundred percent convinced of the quality, reliability and durability of your real estate.

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