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Address вул. Університетська 25
Start of construction 2014
Completion of construction 2019
Price m2 from 1,030 $
Parking Гараж/Підземний
Sections 6
Floors 8
To the city center 3 км

Benefits of an apartment complex


To live in the RC Green Land means to enjoy life, space and light every day. This state-of-the-art residential complex, built in accordance with the most modern standards, evokes the desire to live here at first sight. It has everything to meet the needs of all residents: energy-saving solutions, practical and functional engineering infrastructure, spectacular and elegant interior design.

The RC “Green Land” is a modern 6-section 8-storey complex, built at Universitetska Street, 25 in a picturesque cozy part of Uzhgorod, on an elevation, among greenery and low-rise buildings. Its panoramic windows offer magnificent views on the city, which will give you aesthetic pleasure at any time of the day.

The project of the RC “Green Land” is monolithic-frame, therefore it is resistant to all environmental and time changes. It is created in accordance with the highest requirements for sound insulation, heat insulation, and reducing energy consumption with the use of advanced technologies.

From the RC “Green Land” to the main traffic artery of the regional center - Sobranetska Street, only few minutes by foot. The distance to the city center is only 3 km. Owners of cars in the residential complex can use a two-level underground parking with an elevator, individual garages, parking for guests.

The RC “Green Land” - a sample of optimal external and internal planning. The classic warm colors, symmetry and integrity of the facades emphasize the aristocracy of the buildings and the European direction of the design concept.

Inside there is a well-protected playground with interesting and useful for the development of kids attractions. Parents who will be able to spend time here with children on convenient places of rest will surely like this decision.

Fans of intellectual games will also find here comfortable conditions for themselves - there are specially equipped places for playing chess.

The decoration of the lobbies and staircases of the complex is skillfully made of modern and high-quality materials - you will be pleased to invite visitors and friends. As for residential premises - there are many interesting options that are suitable for all tastes and lifestyles.

These are apartments of improved planning, taking into account all the requirements of ergonomics, ease of movement and needs in an individual space, for 1, 2 and 3 rooms, with an area from 41 to 108 m2.

These are two-level apartments, penthouses on the upper floors, apartments with access to individual spacious terraces.

There can be arranged barbecues and pools on the terraces, as well as fireplaces in the apartments. The cost of m2 - from 750 S.

Read more about the offers in the "Apartments" section (below).

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Planning Floor Rooms Readiness Date of delivery Area Price m2 Total cost
GL 1.14 3 3 With the renovation 2019 100 1,360 136,000
GL 1.39 7 2 With the renovation 2019 95.7 1,526 146,000
GL 1.41 7 3 With the renovation 2019 97 1,526 148,000
GL 2.38 8 2 With the renovation 2019 97.6 1,527 149,000
GL 2.39 8 3 With the renovation 2019 106.8 1,526 163,000
GL 3.36 7 3 With the renovation 2019 100.5 1,622 163,000
GL 3.38 7 3 With the renovation 2019 100 1,630 163,000
GL 4.26 7 2 With the renovation 2019 93.7 1,430 134,000
GL 4.27 7 2 With the renovation 2019 91.7 1,418 130,000
GL 4.32 7 2 With the renovation 2019 112.2 1,337 150,000

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