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Commercial premises from construction company "GAZDA"

Commercial premises Readiness Appointment Area Price m2 Total cost
PLK 33 Is built Shop 69 1,000 69,000
PLK 36 Is built Free 19 1,500 28,500
PLK 41 Is built Shop 81 1,000 81,000
PLK 45 Is built Free 43 1,200 51,600
PLK 47 Is built Free 23 1,500 34,500
PLK 49 Is built Free 131 1,000 131,000
PLK 51 Is built Free 208 1,500 312,000
PLK 53 Is built Free 194 1,500 291,000
PLK 65 Is built Free 25 2,000 50,000
PLK 66 Is built Free 19 2,000 38,000
PLK 67 Is built Free 121 1,200 145,200
PLK 83 Is built Free 136 1,200 163,200
PLK 86 Is built Free 205 750 153,750
PLK 89 Is built Free 122 1,200 146,400
PLK 93 Is built Free 127 1,200 152,400
PLK 101 Is built Free 65 1,500 97,500
PLK 103 Is built Free 48 1,500 72,000
PLK 107 Is built Free 227 1,500 340,500

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Every object of the construction company "GAZDA" is a reflection of modernity and quality. More than 20 years of productive work in the real estate market and more than 1500 apartments put into operation


Benefits of commercial premises from the construction company "Gazda"

Aesthetic, convenient for visitors and profitable for owners, the Gazda commercial premises in the best neighbourhoods of Uzhgorod will provide your business with a “second wind” and help attract more loyal supporters and consumers.

Every entrepreneur is aware: the successful localization of an office, shop or business center directly affects the number of visitors and the popularity of the place. Therefore, it also affects the company's revenue. Commercial spaces Gazda are located near the traffic junctions, in densely populated neighborhoods with high-quality transport connections, active automobile and pedestrian traffic, and developed infrastructure.

Residential complexes in which Gazda’s commercial premises are located meet all modern Ukrainian and international norms and standards of construction, design, and internal planning.

Everything is foreseen here to make your business more customer-oriented and profitable for you: thoughtful planning of the local area, separate entrances, platforms and outdoor playgrounds, green spaces and front gardens.

Rental of premises in Uzhgorod from the construction company Gazda is also profitable from a financial point of view. And not only because of the moderate and reasoned acquisition cost, but also because of the low operational and maintenance costs. If necessary, quick and inexpensive re-planning can be done to suit the individual needs of the owner.

Make sure Gazda’s commercial premises are the best choice for running a successful business! Check out our offers in the catalog.

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