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1 stage of Park Land has been put into operation.
1 stage of Park Land has been put into operation.
19.01.2022 Detailed
Rising property values
Важлива інформація для тих, хто цікавиться нерухомістю в ЖК PARK LAND!
30.11.2021 Detailed
Gazda - taking care of your car
Parked far away again? In the residential complexes of the company "Gazda" took care of the convenient parking of your car. Choose a garage, underground or adjacent parking lot and no longer look for a parking space near the city.
20.07.2021 Detailed
A space filled with meaning. Apartments and townhouses in the private complex "Sherwood"
You will definitely want to settle here!
14.06.2021 Detailed
Різноманітні та безпечні дитячі майданчики у житлових комплексах компанії GAZDA - це радість для дітей та спокій для батьків
10.06.2021 Detailed
Investing in real estate - as a way to increase savings
Save money profitably
08.06.2021 Detailed
Buy apartment with repair
Your comfort - it is our concern
01.06.2021 Detailed
PARK LAND "- a residential complex with the largest indoor park in the region.
Does the name correspond to reality?
24.05.2021 Detailed
Current trends in interior design 2021
Trends 2021 - comfort and convenience, inspired by nature.
03.12.2020 Detailed
Сonstruction technology
Monolithic frame construction technology during the construction of residential complexes BC "GAZDA"
16.11.2020 Detailed
Noise insulation
The key to true peace
07.07.2020 Detailed
Is it worth buying an apartment now?
The Ukrainian real estate market is once again tested for strength. If quarantine restrictions continue, most developers will be forced to stop work.
17.05.2020 Detailed
Terms of payment
Terms and methods of buying real estate
11.05.2020 Detailed
How to choose the right apartment for life
What your dream apartment should be
29.12.2019 Detailed
Why is it so difficult to buy good real estate today
Demand exceeds supply
29.12.2019 Detailed
Why the richest are buying real estate during a crisis
Is it worth buying real estate in times of crisis
29.12.2019 Detailed
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