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The RC “Park Land is the embodiment of the most modern architectural and engineering solutions and technologies that are designed to make the life of apartment owners the highest quality and comfort.

Construction of RC Park Land was started in the second quarter of 2018 on the Legotskoho street, in the middle of a residential district, which has a developed infrastructure and continues to grow actively. Completion of construction of 1st stage of the RC “Park Land is scheduled for 2nd quarter of 2020.

The city center is just 2 km away from the RC “Park Land”. For car owners, the complex has underground parking, garages, and ground parking.

The RC “Park Land” consists of 8 sections of 9-floor buildings. Wide glass surfaces, comfortable balconies, plant decoration elements of the top floor and spectacular backlight create a sense of coziness and perfect relaxation even at first sight.

All structural elements and materials in residential premises of the RC “Park Land”, in particular windows, interroom partitions, and communications meet the highest international requirements regarding quality and environmental friendliness. A choice of 1, 2, 3-rooms apartments of various areas and plannings is now available. The cost of m2 of housing is from 710 S. Also in the complex will be commercial premises, which will be located separately from residential apartments, so as not to disturb the peace of residents of the Park Land city.

For more details, see the "Apartments" section (below) and "Commerce" (below).

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Planning Floor Rooms Readiness Date of delivery Area Price m2 Total cost
PL 7.01 2 1 Built черга 1 - II квартал 2020 року 37.2 1,200 44,640
PL 7.46 7 1 Built черга 1 - II квартал 2020 року 41.2 1,200 49,440
PL 7.29 5 1 Built черга 1 - II квартал 2020 року 44.7 1,200 53,640
PL 5.29 5 1 Built черга 1 - II квартал 2020 року 43 1,200 51,600
PL 3.12 3 2 Is built черга 1 - II квартал 2020 року 60 1,000 60,000
PL 4.04 2 2 With the renovation черга 1 - II квартал 2020 року 69.2 1,650 114,180
PL 7.03 2 2 With the renovation черга 1 - II квартал 2020 року 73.6 1,600 117,760
PL 3.08 3 3 Is built черга 1 - II квартал 2020 року 92.5 950 87,875
PL 6.56 9 4 Built черга 1 - II квартал 2020 року 158.1 1,300 205,530
PL 7.54 8 3 Built черга 1 - II квартал 2020 року 110.9 1,300 144,170

Commercial property

Commercial premises Readiness Appointment Area Price m2 Total cost
PLK 35 Is built Free 37 2,350 86,950
PLK 31 Is built Free 72 1,650 118,800
PLK 33 Is built Shop 69 1,650 113,850
PLK 39 Is built Free 73 1,650 120,450
PLK 45 Built Free 22.7 2,650 60,155
PLK 49 Built Free 80 1,950 156,000
PLK 51 Built Free 208 1,950 405,600
PLK 53 Built Free 194 1,950 378,300
PLK 86 Is built Free 205 940 192,700
PLK 91 Is built Free 112 1,650 184,800

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General information

Address вул. Легоцького
Start of construction ІІ квартал 2018
Completion of construction черга 1 - II квартал 2020 року
Price m2 from 940 $
Parking Підземний
Sections 12
Floors 9
To the city center 3 км

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1 stage of Park Land has been put into operation.
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